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Welcome to the National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA) listserv, and thanks for joining us! If you found this listserv but haven’t yet become a member of the NDIA community, please apply now.

To ensure the best experience for all NDIA listserv members and uphold our community values, we have established basic guidelines for listserv participation. By subscribing to this listserv, you agree to follow this code of conduct. 

In the event that any inappropriate posting occurs or any rules are violated, NDIA reserves the right to take appropriate action in response. NDIA reserves the right to terminate access to any user who does not abide by these guidelines and reevaluate the member status of your organization in the NDIA community. Please send any questions to

Engaging with the NDIA Community Listserv 

Use the listserv to make positive contributions to the community and engage in respectful digital inclusion information-sharing and productive discussions. Healthy debates are natural. We rely on our community to keep listserv conversations respectful and constructive. 

To post to this group, send an email to or click New Topic on the left navigation on the web browser. 

Please use this listserv often to communicate with the digital inclusion community. Below are appropriate topics:

  • Requests for Community Input 
  • Sharing Ideas, Digital Inclusion Best Practices, and Resources
  • Announcements & News
  • Job Postings
  • Calls to Action (exa: filling out a survey, register for an event, downloading new toolkit) 
  • Sharing events
  • Policy/Advocacy Conversations, Questions, and Actions

Code of Conduct

We strive to create a community free of discrimination and full of inclusion or hostility for all members, regardless of race, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnicity, religion, age, disability, or physical appearance. 

Please observe these guidelines: 
  • Follow NDIA Community Values – Any member abusing the listserv or posting messages that violate these values may be removed. We do not tolerate harassment in any form, and members violating this will be removed immediately. 
  • Respect Listserv Privacy - Please do not share anyone else's listserv posts publicly or with the media. You must contact community members directly to get permission for their comments or images to be displayed or shared outside of this community.
  • No Commercial Sales - At no point may the NDIA listserv be used for commercial sales posts. Any sales posts will be immediately deleted and the member will be removed. 
  • Posts must be a topic on the Topics list above, and must be relevant to digital inclusion. Posts that are not relevant would violate our code of conduct. This would include listserv messages related to an individual’s subscription (such as updating subscription preference or asking to be removed from the listserv)  

Use “Reply All” Responsibly 

Using “Reply All” means that your email will be sent to the entire NDIA listserv – thousands of people. To keep the listserv useful to all members, ONLY use “Reply All” when your message contains information that adds value to the whole community. 

“Reply All” is appropriate when:
  • You have a question that other community members probably also have 
  • You have important information/experience to contribute that applies to the entire listserv and isn’t shared in the author’s original message

Avoid “Reply All” if: 

  • Your response is just for the author (ex: “Thanks for sharing!”, “Great post!”, “Awesome work!”)
  • Your response is not relevant to the original topic
  • You want to update your subscription preference or be removed from the listserv. In this case, please find the appropriate “unsubscribe” button rather than spamming the community.

Use Hashtags 

Hashtags are recommended! There is a limit of two hashtags per topic. To include a hashtag, compose your "New Topic" here in and add it in the subject line. Hashtags will only function properly if they are in the list set up by NDIA moderators. You may also choose to get notifications or mute hashtags based on what you want to see.

Click "Hashtags" in the left navigation to see current hashtag options, including: #acp #coalitions #dataresearch #devices #digitalaccessibility #digitaldiscrimination #digitalnavigators #digitalskills #events #jobposting #policy #resources #telehealth

Muting Hashtags & Topics 

You can mute any topic or hashtag and unmute them any time if your needs change.
  • Click “Mute This Topic” in the footer of any NDIA listserv email. This will send you to your profile on your web browser → Select “yes” or “no” 
  • Click “Mute #(name of hashtag).” This will send you to your profile on your web browser → Select “yes” or “no” 

How to Update Your Subscription Preferences 

To update your subscription preferences, create a account and log in. 

To update your subscription when viewing a listserv message in your inbox, click “Your Subscription” (found at the bottom of each NDIA listserv message). You will be taken to your account where you can select your subscription preferences and click “Save.” 

Subscription options include: 

  • Full featured digest (receive up to 12 messages grouped together in one email in rich text formatting)
  • Plain digest (receive up to 12 messages grouped together in one email in plain text formatting)
  • Daily summary (receive one email every morning that contains topics posted the previous day)
  • Special notices only (receive only special notices sent by moderators and no other email notifications). You can still view listserv messages through the webpage.

Please send any NDIA community listserv questions to

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